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Adam's Grandpa and EagleEyes

Posted by Debbie Inkley on July 18, 2016

“Adam is our grandson, he is 5 years old. Yesterday I watched him play a computer game that made the monkeys jump on the bed while whimsical music played. Adam giggled then, miracle of miracles, Adam made it play again and then again! What kind of miracle is that you might ask It’s the most remarkable kind if your grandson has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Adam cannot speak, sit up, crawl, walk or roll over and is fed with a tube in his tummy. But when Adam started using EE the world changed for him and those who love him. When Adam’s eyes dwell on a graphic icon it “clicks” like a mouse. I call it the click heard around the world”.

-Bob Cornelison-EagleEyes Grandpa

St Louis, Missouri