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EagleEyes Supplies

Each new EagleEyes kit comes with enough supplies for the first few months of use. Below is a description of the different supplies and where they can be purchased. The Opportunity Foundation of America does not provide ongoing free supplies after the initial placement of a system. 

Medical Tape

We recommend Johnson and Johnson 1 inch cloth tape. If the user has oily skin, medical paper tape may be a better option because it has a stronger adhesive. Don't be afraid to try different tapes if the cloth tape does not work for you. Different 1 inch medical tapes can be purchased at most major drug stores and Johnson and Johnson brand can be found at Walgreen's or RiteAid Pharmacy and even in the pharmacy section of Target.

Alcohol Swabs

Alcohol swabs or prep pads are available in many brands and materials. Alcohol swabs are used to remove oils from the skin for better tape adhesion, better electrode sensitivity, and to sanitize the electrodes. We recommend the generic Walgreen's or RiteAid brand because they are a thicker woven type swab and less expensive than the name brand, but most any brand of alcohol swab will work. 

Electrode Paste

Ten20 is the only recommended brand of electrode paste for EagleEyes. If you are using electrode gel, it is highly recommended for you to switch to the paste for better results.  It is top rated and sensitive to most skin types. It is also very conductive and easy clean up. You can find this paste online by searching for it by name. Usually one tub of paste will last quite a while. If you do not need to purchase 3 at a time, Contact Us for more options. 

Alkaline Batteries

You can purchase 9 volt alkaline batteries at most stores. We recommend only using name brand batteries such as Duracell, Rayovac, or Energizer. Most off-brand batteries have a much lower life expectancy and do not perform as well in any device. You can also use non-rechargeable lithium batteries if you prefer. However the cost of a non-rechargeable lithium battery is significantly more than alkaline but will also last much longer than alkaline. 

Digital Battery Tester

Theses simple digital battery testers can be a big help to know when your batteries are low. Some times the low battery light will not illuminate because only one battery is low. It is highly recommended to have a 9 volt battery tester on hand. This model can be purchased by Clicking Here

8.4 Volt Rechargeable Batteries

You can use 8.4 volt rechargeable batteries in the EagleEyes system. Because of the nature of rechargeable batteries they are not actually 9 volts. There are several voltages available but 8.4 volts is the only approved rechargeable battery for EagleEyes. We recommend purchasing 4 batteries so you can always have a set of charged batteries. Powerex is a recommended brand because of their reliability and performance. You can purchase them online by Clicking Here

Rechargeable Battery Station

For use with 8.4 volt rechargeable batteries ONLY. This charging station will turn green when the batteries are finished charging and will charge them in about an hour. It is recommended that the batteries be removed from the charger once fully charged. You can purchase this charger online by Clicking Here. (The listing says it is for 9.6 volt batteries but it is compatible  with all 9 volt rechargeable batteries) 


  • "Eagles Eyes has taken one of our students from a "ragdoll" position in a wheelchair and woke him up to where he expresses his wants and needs and looks at people. It made a tremendous change in his life."
    – Debra Manning
    Box Elder School District
    Assistive Technology Coordinator
  • "Through using EagleEyes with typically developing peer partners, our students at Hartvigsen have enjoyed interacting with the technology itself and interactions with their peer mentors. This has been a win-win model."
    – Jennifer Hutchinson
    Hartivigsen School
    Speech-Language Pathologist
  • "Eagleeyes has given Angel independence. When she is using the system, she knows she is the one controlling the mouse and loves that she has the ability to do it on her own. It had also helped her in her daily life because she knows her eyes can speak for her and she can use them to point at objects or words."
    – Tracy Danis
    EagleEyes Mother
  • "I have recently received an Eagle Eyes System to use in my classroom, and I am loving it!! I have 3 non-verbal/non communicative students that I have found are able to use the system with a high level of accuracy. This system has given me a way to more effectively communicate, teach, and assess my students. It has given them more independence, freedom, and control over their environment. They are able to paint, create, make choices, and communicate more independently than they have ever been able to before. Eagle Eyes is a great tool and I am so excited to continue using it to expand the world of my students!"
    – Stacy Smith
    Johnston School District, Iowa, USA
  • "Eagle Eyes offers so much. For my nephew Mitchy, it offers the hope that he can enjoy something and communicate with us in a very unique way. It gives us a chance to praise him for, what would appear to be, small accomplishments. For us they are huge."
    – Alexander Fox
    EagleEyes Uncle
  • "Mandi loves Eagle Eyes! She has become more vocal since using it. She loves to color her own pictures and pop the bubbles" (alien game with bubble picture) She is very proud of the ability play games, music, and draw on her own."
    – Carol Hiibner
    Heartland Area Educational Agency

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