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EagleEyes Informational Videos and Webinars

EagleEyes is an innovative eye controlled technology that acts as a general mouse replacement. Learn more below to see if this technology will meet your needs. 

Presenter Starts - Overview of EagleEyes and Use - 1:48
Camera Mouse Intro and Demo - 34:18
Training on EagleEyes Console - 38:28
Training on EagleEyes Software - 43:38
Training on Connecting and Disconnecting Electrodes -  54:55
Overview of Basic Activities for EagleEyes - 1:11:38 
Herbi Speaks Free Board Maker Overview - 1:15:55 

Contact our Director of Training to schedule a live informational webinar where you can get to know the technology better and ask questions.  

Ron Williams - (801) 759-4500