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Eye Gaze / Head Mouse Progression Guide

This is a basic guide of Free activities that will help you take a user from beginning to advanced use of many different eye gaze technologies. Each user will progress to their own level. For some that may only be level one, so be sure to have realistic expectations and understand that any level of success will improve the quality of their life through recognition of self through autonomous tasks. 

Some activities may require a download to your computer and others are online activities. There are instructions for each activity to help you understand how to properly use it and set it up. You can also use these activities to perform assessments when trying a new eye gaze or head mouse systems. Remember that eye gaze and head mouse are acquired skills and may require several weeks of use before a user shows significant improvement or grasps the concept fully that they are in control of the mouse. 

Instructions: Some of the games are online and some are downloads. For online games, use the browser zoom function to make it full screen, also right click on the game and select zoom in.

OFOA does not own any of the software or programs presented below. They are all free 3rd party programs and OFOA cannot provide technical support or guarantee availability. Professional versions of these types of activities may be available for purchase through other websites, this is just a free guide to the same types of activities. 

Basic Screen Engagement

These activities are basic cause and effect activities that do not require the user to do anything purposeful. The purpose of this level is to allow the user to explore and interact with the screen as the mouse follows there eyes or head. These activities are a form of physical therapy for the eyes and can help to strengthen the visual cortex with motion, movement, and sight correlation. As the user follows the objects on the screen, they will increase their rang of motion and strengthen their eyes muscles with purposeful eye movement.

Some users may need to stay on this level for several weeks before progressing to the next level. In the beginning most users will only be able to tolerate 20-30 minutes at a time. Remember they are creating new neural paths in their brain by learning this new skill, cause and effect, and purposeful control of the body. 

Sensory Light Box

Light Box.png

Download - Light Box is the perfect starter activity with 24 different sensory activities. It is a simple blank screen engagement activity where the user realizes they are moving the object on the screen. Some of the activities have colors in the background and different music to help keep their attention. This is kind of like physical therapy for the eyes and can help strengthen their ability. Sometimes this will need to be used 3-4 times for at least an hour before the individual starts to show improvement in purposeful eyegaze. This program downloads onto your computer.

Settings: You do have to set in the settings every time you start the program. Select the Settings Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner. Select Mouse or Pointing Device; Select Always On; Select Midas Borders; Select Show Cursor. The Midas Borders make it so if they leave the screen the music and visual stops as a cause and effect element. Exclusion zones of 5% on the sides is recommended for the Midas Zones to work. 

Mouse Follower

mousefollower.pngOnline - Mouse Follower simply follows the mouse around the screen. If movement stops, so does the image. This can be good for providing auditory feedback of eye or head movement. 

Settings: You will need to zoom in to make this occupy the screen. To zoom you can use the control in your browser or simply click the Ctrl key and press the + or - key to zoom in and out. 

This is an online game Available on Shiny Learning 



Tootin Reindeer

Tootin Reindeer.jpgDownload - The Tootin Reindeer are great for auditory feedback of movement. This requires no mouse click. If the cursor is placed over a reindeer, they lift their tail and let out a musical note. We have used this with kids with low vision to help them relate eye or head movement to creating sound on the computer. 





Animal Mouse Follower

Dolphin.jpgOnline - This is one of the coolest mouse followers we have found. There are several different ones to choose from. You can put on some music and make the fish dance or just follow it around for cause and effect.

Blow Fish
Clown Fish 



EagleEyes Paint

EE Paint.jpgDownload - Paint is a great program for simple exploration. This is also good to use to verify EagleEyes is calibrated and warmed up before you start other activities. The back ground color and drawing modes can be adjusted. Pictures can also be saved and printed. We made Christmas cards out of these for parents one year. 





Virtual Drums

Virtual Drum.jpgOnline - The Virtual Drum only requires the mouse to go over the drums to work. Great for auditory feedback of movement for beginners or fun for advanced users who can target. You can also play along with the computer keyboard. 

Settings: Recommend turning off the mouse click so they don't click on the ad links while playing. 





Cause and Effect

This is where the user learns basic cause and effect through simple target games. They look at the object and then receive an award in the form of a song and video. Similar to basic switch games. This is usually motivational for younger children and holds their attention in the beginning. 

Controlled Motion

In this stage the user should be able to make more purposeful movements requiring control. They will begin to understand how to make the cursor or object go where they want to. They may need to practice their vertical or horizontal motion if one is weaker than the other. You can use all the activities from Level 1 also and ask them to move it in specific directions or locations. 

Planet Heroes Asteroid

Asteroid.jpgOnline - Fisher Price Planet Heroes is good for purposeful movement. The user can dodge the asteroids to make it to the planet without getting hit. This combines simple cause and effect with purpose. 

Settings: You will want to use your web browser's zoom function to make this game full screen. Or press CTRL + or - to zoom in and out. 




Virtual Piano

Piano.jpgOnline - This is a full keyboard that allows the user to click on the notes and play. Someone else can also play along by using the computer keyboard. 

Settings: Dwell time to the lowest setting for click and use small radius on Camera Mouse. You can also help on this one by clicking the mouse if the dwell time is not fast enough or if you want a rythym. Zoom in to only show the piano or use excluded zones so the user doesn't click on links. Zoom using the web browser's settings or use Ctrl +or- to zoom. 


3D Pong

3d Pong.jpg

Online - This is a 3d version of classic Pong. It is great for development of controlled motion and increased reaction time. It could still be played by someone simply following the motion of the ball. 






Let's Play Piano

Keyboard.jpgOnline - Basic one octave piano. Allows for free play and play along mode where it shows which note to play for a song. 

Settings: Dwell time on low setting with small radius for Camera Mouse. Use Browser's zoom function to make full screen or use Ctrl + or – to zoom. Use Excluded zones to eliminate any links or the ability to close the game. 





Basic Targeting

In this stage the user will begin to understand basic targeting and cause and effect relations ships. If the target is hit then a reward is given. They will start to understand how what a target is and learn to purposefully control the cursor to hit the target. Larger targets are used during this level. 

Specific Targeting

The user will begin to select specific and meaningful targets. The targets will become smaller and the dwell time will be increased to cause the user to hold their focus longer and to be more purposeful in their selections. 

Healthy Food Hunt

Healthy Food.jpgOnline - Hide and Seek type game where you have to find the hidden healthy food. Good small target practice and thinking search game. 

Settings: Low dwell time and small radius on Camera Mouse. Zoom in using Browser's zoom function or Ctrl + or - to zoom. Use excluded zones if needed to stop closing of program or clicking links. 






Hexagon Strategy

Hexagon Game.jpgOnline - This game of strategy is great for advanced users. Select the piece you want to move to change opponents pieces to yours. This can be played with the computer or another human. 

Settings: Use a higher dwell time to avoid accidental clicks. 






Bejeweled.jpgOnline - Classic Bejeweled. Swap the pieces to align 3 or more jewels to get points and advance to the next level. 

Settings: Use a moderate dwell time to avoid accidental selections. 

Bubble Blaster

Bubble Blaster.jpgOnline - Shoot the bubbles to match the colors and make them disappear in sets of 3 or more. 

Settings: Use excluded zones of about 20% on bottom and 30% on right to stop user from clicking on links. Use a higher dwell time of .5-.7 sec to avoid accidental clicks. 





Bubble Spinner

Bubble spinner.jpgOnline - Shoot the bubbles to get three or more to make them disappear. Shoot on the side to make it spin. 

Settings: Dwell time .5 to .7 sec to avoid accidental clicks. 









Bubble Toy Factory

Bubble Toy factory.jpgOnline - Shoot the bubbles to make sets of 3 or more to clear the bubbles and advance to the next level. 

Settings: Dwell time .5 to .7 to avoid accidental clicks. 






Bubble Breaker

Bubble Breaker.jpg

Online - Click on 3 or more bubbles of the same color that are touching to pop them and clear the board. 

Settings: Set dwell time at .5 to .7 to avoid accidental clicks.










Bubble Cannon

Bubbels.jpgOnline - SHoot the bubbles to get 3 or more to pop them. 

Settings: Use dwell time of .5 to .7 to avoid accidental clicks. 







Bubble Guppies Objects

Bubble Guppies.jpgOnline - Choose the bubbles that match a theme like things you find in a grocery store, or a farm. 

Settings: Use browser's zoom setting to make full screen or use Ctrl + or - to zoom in and out. Adjust the excluded zones to eliminate clicking of outside links.