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Major EagleEyes Donors

The following donors have made significant contributions toward reducing the cost of manufacturing the EagleEyes systems.

INOVAR Electronics Manufacturing

America II Electronics 

Arrow Electronics 

Avnet Electronics

Digikey Electronics


Precision Technology

BioMed Electrodes

PlasticsOne Medical Design and Manufacture

Linear Technology


The following are some of our major donors who help support our cause in various ways through monetary donations and services.

Engineering Solutions by Design
Lonnie Adams

Discover Card Salt Lake City

Cheri Laughridge

Blake Kirby - INOVAR

Guy Barker - Herbi.org

Vern Dickman

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Forever Young Foundation

Sean Gnekow

Ken Margetts

EagleEyes Affiliates

These are affiliates that use or help promote the use of EagleEyes.

Boston College - EagleEyes

Brigham Young University

Combined Federal Campaign

Trevor Southey

Utah State University-UT
Team of Advocates for Special Kids-CA
Uinta County School District-WY
Utah Schools for the Deaf & Blind

Oakridge School-UT

Trinity Services-Illinois
Hogan Regional Center-MA
Box Elder School District-UT
Old Village Cooke School-MI
Heartland Area Educational Agency-IA
Wayne County Assistive Technology-MI
MedCare Pediatrics-TX
Northern Arizona University-AZ
Hartvigsen School-UT
Jordan Valley School-UT
Murray School District-UT
Cache County School District-UT
Broward Children's Center-FL
Windridge Elementary-UT
Child Serve-IA
Jackson-Madison County School System-TN
Salt Lake City School District - UT
University of Wyoming - WY
Kauri Sue Hamilton School - UT
Olympus High School - UT
Education Service Center - TX
New England Rehab Center - ME
Grantwood Area Education Agency - IA
Northbend Elementary School - IA
Point Higgens Elementary - AK
Granite School District - UT
Kake School District - AK
Milceek Elementary - UT
Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind - UT
Dalton High School - GA
Futures Unlimited - IA
Maeser Elementary - UT


  • "Eagleeyes has given Angel independence. When she is using the system, she knows she is the one controlling the mouse and loves that she has the ability to do it on her own. It had also helped her in her daily life because she knows her eyes can speak for her and she can use them to point at objects or words."
    – Tracy Danis
    EagleEyes Mother
  • "It is amazing to watch Tyler do EagleEyes! He is playing games and it is great to see the joy on his face when he accomplishes the goal. I am SO excited to see Tyler improve and the possibilities for him seem endless."
    – Kristy Tilton
    EagleEyes Mother
  • "Eagles Eyes has taken one of our students from a "ragdoll" position in a wheelchair and woke him up to where he expresses his wants and needs and looks at people. It made a tremendous change in his life."
    – Debra Manning
    Box Elder School District
    Assistive Technology Coordinator
  • "Mandi loves Eagle Eyes! She has become more vocal since using it. She loves to color her own pictures and pop the bubbles" (alien game with bubble picture) She is very proud of the ability play games, music, and draw on her own."
    – Carol Hiibner
    Heartland Area Educational Agency
  • "Through using EagleEyes with typically developing peer partners, our students at Hartvigsen have enjoyed interacting with the technology itself and interactions with their peer mentors. This has been a win-win model."
    – Jennifer Hutchinson
    Hartivigsen School
    Speech-Language Pathologist
  • "I have recently received an Eagle Eyes System to use in my classroom, and I am loving it!! I have 3 non-verbal/non communicative students that I have found are able to use the system with a high level of accuracy. This system has given me a way to more effectively communicate, teach, and assess my students. It has given them more independence, freedom, and control over their environment. They are able to paint, create, make choices, and communicate more independently than they have ever been able to before. Eagle Eyes is a great tool and I am so excited to continue using it to expand the world of my students!"
    – Stacy Smith
    Johnston School District, Iowa, USA

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