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Monetary Donations

Thank you for visiting the Opportunity Foundation of America website. Your gift today will bring hope to children and adults with severe debilitating physical challenges through the use of the EagleEyes program.

All donations go towards new EagleEyes systems and training programs for volunteers. Disabled individuals often have huge financial burdens and cannot afford these systems without your generosity.

No donation is too big or too small, so please consider making a donation.

On behalf of all those who will benefit from your kindness and generosity, thank you.

You may give a one-time donation or setup a recurring monthly donation. We use the PayPal.com giving tools, so your donations are always safe and secure.


Donate with Paypal


If you do not wish to use PayPal or are uncomfortable donating online, please consider mailing a donation to:

Attention: Debbie Inkley
7166 Villandrie Lane
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121
Tax ID# 87-0626778

Alternate Donations

While monetary donations help fund the EagleEyes project, there are many other ways to donate that can significantly help the foundation. Some examples are donated manufacturing facilities, technology development, marketing, distribution, travel, and many other factors.

If you are in a position to donate a type of industry or special skill that you are involved in, the foundation is grateful to accept help in any form that is available. Please contact us to coordinate your unique and valuable donation.

Your Donations at Work

We value your donations and make sure that your donations are used to change lives. Below is a list of how we keep our costs low so that donations can have the greatest impact on our projects.

  • Currently there are only three paid individuals in the organization who work directly on the project. These three are directly involved with providing evaluations, training, and ongoing user support. They also participate in raising awareness, coordinating volunteers, and maintaining the organization's goals and mission. 
  • We are mostly comprised of volunteers at a professional and service level.
  • We work out of home offices to eliminate the cost of office space.
  • Most of our supply and marketing costs are donated by generous companies. 

Valentine's Day - Randy Mather

ValentinesDay-RandyMather.jpgValentine's Day is a special day to express your feelings to those you love. This CD is a project of love; of a husband to his wife, for our family, our friends, and a love of music. Randy and I have been very blessed in our lives together, and would like to not only share his music, but also pay it forward to someone else. Imagine not having a voice to sing or communicate. Imagine not having the fine motor skills to play an instrument, or make music. With that in mind, we are donating 100% of the sales of this CD to the EagleEyes project through The Opportunity Foundation of America a 501(c)(3), non- profit organization, in collaboration with Boston College. EagleEyes is a technology that gives a voice to children who are severely physically impaired, and do not have the ability to communicate in the typical way most of us take for granted. Randy and I have both participated in this project and have seen the miracles that happen. Please help us make a difference in the lives of these children, and allow them the opportunity to make their own music through technology! 

XOX ~Susan Blair Mather

Special thanks to Susan & Randy! OFOA received over $6,000.00 in donations from the incredible jazz CD "Valentine's Day".  CD's are still available for $20.00, call Debbie Inkley @ 801-231-6691.

Eagle Eyes Painting

When Trevor Southey, internationally known painter and sculptor told me he wanted to create an oil on canvas depicting EagleEyes, I was overwhelmed.  Trevor shared that he was donating the painting to the Foundation to be auctioned off at one of one of our fundraising events.

The eagle on the upper third of the painting represents the mascot of Boston College.  The black part of the prism represent a child’s life before EagleEyes; the three colors of the prism represent becoming an EagleEyes student; and the six colors represent full matriculation of EagleEyes in a child’s life.

On the lower third of the painting, the face of the child with his eyes closed is before EagleEyes and the same child’s face with his eyes open, represents an opportunity for communication and learning after EagleEyes.

The 36x24” painting is available for a $15,000.00 donation to the Opportunity Foundation of America.  Please email debbieinkley(at)ofoa.net for additional information.

Thank you Trevor for sharing your incredible talent with the EagleEye Project.

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