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OFOA Board of Directors

Debbie Inkley - Exec Dir/Founder 
Opportunity Foundation of America
Jed Jones - Chairman of the Board
Steve Bayans 
Discover Financial Services
Cheri Laughridge 
Rosehill Creek Nursery
Ken Margetts 
Bennett, Tueller, Johnson & Deere
Corey Catten 
inthinc, Inc
Ron Williams 
jetBlue Airways
Mark Donnelly 
Jordan Valley School, Principal
Steve Aston 

OFOA Advocates

Professor Jim Gips 
Computer Science Department
Carroll School of Management
Boston College
John R & Pamela Egan Professor
Professor William Ames 
Computer Science Department
Boston College
Dr. Don Ricciato 
Campus School
Boston College
Maureen Gates 
Campus School
EagleEyes Specialist
Boston College
Dr. Tina Dyches 
McKay School of Education
Associate Professor
Director of Special Education Programs
David O. McKay School of Education
Brigham Young University
Lonnie Adams
Engineering Solutions by Design
Linda Eller
Jordan Valley School
Bernice Maxwell 
Redbug Psychoeducational Assessments
Brian Maxwell 
Redbug Psychoeducational Assessments
Mike Schlappi 
Mike Schlappi Communications

EagleEyes Volunteers

Alex Fox                    Amy Knudsen                Karla Pacheco                  Bailey Kirby 
Judy Johnson            Kris Kuehndahl              Lynn Kirby                       Matt Dimock 
Michelle Catten         Mike Carmody               Mori Catten                      Ruby Hall 

Chad Holmes             Andrea Dean                 Tyler Dean                       Bonnie Banks

Cathy Hammond       Scott Royall                   Jordan Stokes                  Leslie Grim

Luke Hoffman           Andrea Dean                  Tami Schwendiman         Lindsay Bayans